Carey Frank • Jimmy Branly • mitchell long

The new album by Carey Frank, Jimmy Branly and Mitchell Long is out. Enjoy this new trio's concept to bring contemporary jazz standards, pop music, original composition and world music together in a classic organ trio setting. The music on BECAUSE was chosen in the moment, rehearsed and was recorded live over two days with very minimal overdubs on a few songs.

BECAUSE Album Credits:

Mitchell Long - Guitars and Vocals
Jimmy Branly - Drums
Carey Frank - Hammond B3 Organ

1. Continuum (Jaco Pastorius, arr. by Carey Frank)
2. Abraço (Mitchell Long)
3. Iris Iris (Carey Frank)
4. Because (Lennon-McCartney, arr. by Carey Frank)
5. Vento Bravo ( Edu Lobo, Paulo Cesar Pinheiro, arr. by Mitchell Long)
6. V J (Carey Frank)
7. Teen Town (Jaco Pastorius, arr. by Carey Frank)
8. Você É Linda (Caetano Veloso, arr. by Mitchell Long)
9. Palm Desert Blues (Carey Frank)
10. Grito no Ar (Mitchell Long)

Recorded at Dennis Moody's Studio in Los Angeles, CA June 2023
Engineered by Dennis Moody
Mix, Master & Art design by Jimmy Branly
Photos by Jose Perez
Produced by Jimmy, Mitchell, & Carey