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Arts Midwest World Fest 2022

Muskegon- MI Apr 19th Bellefontaine, OH Apr 21th to 23th Rushville, EM Apr 26th to 28th Carbondale, IL, May 1st to 3rd Ames, IA May 5th to 7th Chicago, IL, May 11th-Old Town School

Catch the samba swing of Brazil with Paulo Padilha e Bando. Born in São Paulo, Padilha travels between the sounds of traditional samba and other Brazilian popular musical styles.

A music teacher of more than 25 years of experience, Padilha is a master musician and educator that specializes in rhythm and song workshops for children, teenagers, and adults. His clever lyrics have a special focus on the telling about the urban lifestyle in Brazil in a very sharp and good-humored way. With a band of master samba musicians and dancers, Paulo Padilha e Bando will make you want to dance all the way home!