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  1. Fo' Hop

From the recording Fo' Hop

What a pleasure to work, hang out and create in the studio with Sergio Mendes and record on his star studded CD "Timeless" To record with the genius Guinga and famous Brazilian rapper Marcello D2 is a true honor. In the session I ended up doubling a lot of Guingas guitar parts as well as coming up with a kind of James Brown like funky guitar part.
Here are some liner notes: Written by Guinga, probably the most important Brazilian composer of his generation, who is also a very close friend of Sergio's, this song is a rhythmic gem. The title is a play on the words Forro, which is a very popular Brazilian rhythm and dance, and Hip-hop. It features Guinga, Gracinha and again Marcelo D2, who brings his unique rap, this time peppered with names of Brazilian and international cities and foods.