Mitchell Long


Tropics is the Los Angeles based group playing a wide variety of music including Brazilian, Latin, straight ahead Jazz and many popular styles. The group is founded by the extraordinary Bass player Jose Marino and features Mitchell long on guitar and vocals as well as a roster of world class musicians. Tropics is a truly versatile and world class musical outfit available for any type of event or concert setting and can be available as a duo, trio or in full band instrumentation. You can sit back and listen to the soothing sounds or enjoy dancing to your favorite songs with the vast repertoire available.

Jose "Zelao" Marino, Cristiano Novelli and Mitchell Long of Tropics.

This CD was recorded live with some keyboard (Frank Zottoli) and percussion (Ritchie Garcia) overdubs. Should be available soon! Tropics is a versatile band available for any event or concert and ranging from duo to full band instrumentation.