Mitchell Long

Mitchell Long


I work often as a solo act: As guitarist, singer and genre jumper, playing solo is one of my favorite settings and a great outlet for my creativity. I credit many years of residency gigs at music venues, concert and festival appearances, bars, the finest restaurants, hotels and opening shows for national acts, 

One of the great advantages of playing solo is having the musical freedom to go to any style without the constraints of a band or other instruments. Some solo gigs call for just guitar solo or I will sing as well. It may be Bossa Nova or Jazz standards. I could also feature blues, folk, pop, Soul, classic rock and feature my own original music and lyrics.

Highlights in Colorado include opening shows for many well known jazz, pop and world music artists in world class concert halls and performing arts centers and a three year residency at “Café Mars” playing to full house concert audiences every week among years of residencies in other cafes, restaurants, Jazz clubs and wine bars. In Los Angeles I perform solo at many venues including a recent 3 year residency on Friday evenings at Taste of Brazil restaurant. Recent nights at Novel Cafe in Pasadena feature my original songs.

Soul-o in the mountains...