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Hi Fi Mo Fo Review "Lets Dance" By Kathy Valentin of the Boulder Weekly

If you like to dance to Brazilian and Latin jazz music but don't have the means to fly to an exotic location, cruise by Round Midnight, the basement club off the west end of the pearl street mall, on a Wednesday night. There you'll encounter Latin influenced fusion jazz played by Mitchell Long's Hi-Fi MoFo, and it's as good as it gets in Boulder or anywhere else. That's the great thing about Hi-Fi MoFo, Its music with so much backbeat that it'll probably have you on your feet sooner or later (depending on your degree of shyness) “Our music is definitely on the edge. If people start dancing to it they find that they can, but if they don't dance they find that they can sit and listen to it as well" opines Mitchell Long, Hi-Fi MoFo's guitarist and lead vocalist. Long does most of the arrangements, bringing in all the Brazilian and Latin rhythms he has been studying for over a decade. Mitchell brings his musical expertise and crazy ideas to Hi-Fi MoFo and provides the open minded, discriminating musical taste and talent to create a Santana-like fusion from various essential sources. Whatever rhythm is laced into their music they stay true to. “If we play Latin-influenced music, we want the Latin people in the audience to feel like dancing" Mitchell enthuses. The fact that they have new music on hand every week lends a vary-ing trend to their shows. Mitchell also plays solo on Tuesday nights down the street at Mars Espresso and Wine Bar, as well as with the Mitchell Long Bossa Nova Trio and The Billy Tolles Jazz and Blues Express.

Kathy Valentin

Boulder Weekly