Mitchell Long

World Music Vocal Ensemble Workshop is on!

It is a joy to be teaching again at Los Angeles Music Academy (LAMA) I have a class of ten singers, all young ladies with talent and open ears - if not I pry them open with enthusiasm and groove! (I love the challenge of a doubter) We have begun with a 90 minute vocal work out on a 6/8 tune that comes from Nana Vasconcelos/Zap Mama and my own creations or improv. featuring call and response, harmonies and layered vocal percussion.The bassist Leo Nobre and Drummer did a fine job as well...

Next they will sing the Cape Verdean - Angolan anthem by the Mendes brothers "Cabinda a Cunene" Cant wait to hear them all singing in Creole ;)

My class focus is on students learning to get as deep inside the phrasing and melodic rhythmic language of Brazil, Cape Verde and Africa. I stay strong and focused with the cultural/musical tradition that I am most familiar with but using a very wide array of styles within each region. Time permitting we may delve into some other continents and countries. It is an honor to share my experiences and excitement to play and sing this music. We will end the 4 month / twice per week workshop with a open to the public concert featuring the students favorite selections from the repertoire.There is some serious talent in the class and its going to be a thrill to present.

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