Mitchell Long


Its been an amazing musical time recently. So I am doing some long needed work on my website to keep you more informed and updated to my musical world. Its a work in progress but I hope you visit and enjoy! Comments and suggestions are welcome! Some interesting news of note would include wonderful performances with Julia Fordham and her band. Her voice is surreal in its beauty. Were in rotation at the esteemed Catalina Jazz club and were featured on Craig Ferguson Late Late show on TV. I am really excited to be working with Rique Pantoja and his incredible band featuring superstars like Justo Almario, Abraham Laboriel, Walter Rodriguez and John Pena. Rique is a phenomenal musician and composer. Its an honor to be included in his band. I recorded an album with Angolan Legend Waldemar Bastos. What an experience to work with the spiritual and powerful music of this truly iconic singer. The experience was a profound connection between myself, Waldemar and producer Derek Nakamoto. I recorded an album with Tropics which is coming together nicely with the participation of Jose Marino, Cristiano Novelli, Ritchie Garcia and Frank Zotolli. More recording news of note: Got in the studio again with DJ NuMark and a session with Peter Erskine working on Takako Uemura's record.

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