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Jazz is in the news for me, making its way back into my life. With Regular gigs playing straight ahead with Alto saxophonist Mark Isbel and the venerable bassist Harry Smith. Then I enjoy two jazz - cabaret gigs this week first at Gardenia in West Hollywood with Gloria Calomee and then at Catalina Jazz Club with Joanne Tatham. Both brought wonderful materiel by Brazilian composers, Herbie Hancock, Mcoy Tyner, Abbey Lincoln and Michel Legrand. Nice to be back on the block playing my hollow-body and the language I consider my first musical language - Jazz!

Teaching is in the news for me as well since taking on a class "World Music Ensemble Workshop" for vocalists. I am enjoying bringing and sharing the world music I know to the talented singers in my class and having a chance to analyze and break it down and put it back together again! I am also enjoying some good private students. Teaching is indeed one of the best ways to learn what your doing ;)

Maria de Barros is also back on the map with our recent tour to Cape Verde (Praia, Sao Vicente and Sal) There are no words to express my joy at being in the islands of Cape Verde. Its simply home sweet home for me and the music resonates in my soul. Not to mention the great food, morabeza of the people and the healing ocean that I got into every day. I will be in Russia next week with Maria de Barros and it looks like there is a trip to Senegal, Angola and Cape Verde this winter too...

Cabo Verde Cretcheu is still going with Dilma sounding wonderful as always. We played a couple weddings this month and will start regular Sundays at Santinos on the 24th.

Hope to see you out there in the musical world...


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