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Happy New Year! Boas Entradas!


Happy New Year and well wishes to all for 2008. I am so excited about the possibilities for the future. I brought the New Year in with Vinx at Genghis Cohen in Hollywood. We had an intimate and very fun show with a great crowd of Vinx lovers and a nice band with lots of percussion. Vinx never loses the magic of singing and playing powerful rhythms on his drum. He is an original, with a universal voice. What a great way to bring the New Year in. Tell My Feet, I have made it home.

As I prepare to travel and perform in Cape Verde with Maria de Barros I feel the incredible emotion anticipating being in the cradle of Morabeza, that inexplicable and undeniable hospitality that is uniquely Cape Verdean. The best way to explain it: Sit and relax with your favorite food or drink, close your eyes and listen to some Mournas of Cesaria Evora like

“Sombras Di Distino" or “Roma Crioula" Then tell me if you don't feel it. There is something special there in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Morabeza. Sabura. Crioulo.

Before I go to CV I will be doing a show at Chaya with my favorite trio featuring legendary bassist Jose Marino and fine young drummer Cristiano Novelli.

Go to for my complete schedule and details. Happy 2008

Merry Christmas!


I hope your all doing well for the holidays. And I am looking forward to an amazing New Year! I am excited to have some nice gigs coming up. Ill be at Chaya with my Brazilian trio on the 6th of January. Then im out again with Maria de Barros to the Cape Verde islands on 8th for one week. Go to my myspace page for complete schedual... Happy New Year!!!

New Songs added


I have started a section called "WORK AS A SIDEMAN" on the navigation link: Listen to mp3 . There you will find recordings I did with other artists. There is some nice variety here to show you some of my work in different styles etc. I hope you take some time to read the notes on each tune and listen to it all. Enjoy, Mitchell

Photos of Cabo Verde


I finally took some time to add some of my photos from the incredible two month trip to Cape Verde with Maria De Barros. There were so many great moments and I have about 1,000 fotos that I chose from. I am still working on getting them in order and adding more info in the captions. Ill be adding more fotos from other trips soon. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave any comments or questions you have, I love hearing from you.



Hello from Vienna, Austria ...Its been a while since I updated the website, I have been so busy being a music man in Los Angeles I only find time on the road to write here. There have been some wonderful musical and life moments. I feel blessed to live in Los Angeles with so many great local and visiting musicians to meet, work with and listen to. I am still very excited to be involved with Maria de Barros, we are working on her 3rd record on Putomayos new label and infact we are right now touring in Austria, and eastern Europe then in the Carribean next week. I have been studying Cape Verdean music alot, and spending alot of time with Jazz as well. I will try to get my schedual, new music, and fotos especially from the trip to Cape Verde up on the web site soon. Thank you for visiting the site and any comments and suggestions are greatly apreciated. I hope you visit the page as well as communicate with me here. Somtimes it seems my space is more important to muscians these days than a personal website! But many people are finding me here online and I am so glad to hook up with old and new friends. peace out Mitchell

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