Mitchell Long

Cabo Verde IS green!

You may wonder as you go from island to island why the call it "cape green" because there is very little green vegetation and it looks like a dry desert with some big barren mountains... But then we went to island of Brava. And what an amazing experience it was. The only access is a one and a half hour trip from Fogo by boat and the boats only travel two or three times a week or you can rent a small and run down yaught like we did. When we arrived it looks like the other islands, but more mountainous. What a surprise as we loaded into and climbed on to the back of some pick up trucks and started up the winding typical Cape Verdean cobblestone roads. We drove up towards the clouds and into the most lush paradise blooming everywhere with flowers trees and gardens with milho verde. The simple and tranquil roads and small houses of the city of Nova Cintra are perfectly romantic. The people are simple and real. But the the varied current of electricity burned out the power amps and we had to cancel the show that night. But Maria de Barros, (whos family is originaly from Brava) showed her fierce determination to the people. They had waited for hours and hours to see her and welcome her home. so she said she would sail back the next morning to Fogo and bring replacement equipment. She even got stranded floating in the middle of the sea on the way back for 4 hours when a engine belt broke on the boat. But after all the work we were there with a full sound system and alot of heart at 8:30 pm playing one of the most beautiful shows ever. The many children swarmed to the front of the stage and literally bathed Maria constantly with beautiful flowers. It was an emotional and soulful feeling to be there in that small town square playing a free show for those many people with such soulfull faces, smiles and exuberant energy. What a great and special show!!! Maria de Barros, I will say it again: I love you ...and the band!

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