Mitchell Long

A day in the life:

Another day in the musical journey that is my life and career: Recorded a Brazilian style track for rap group Jurassic 5's DJ NuMark today. It was fun, I played mad guitar and sang strong and long. I did something like that a few months ago on Sergio Mendes new record, and the song I played on comes out this month. Started work today with Katia Moraes on the repertoire for the carnival show at the Queen Mary, last year we shared the stage there with Jorge Benjor. I'll play with the second carnival act (Nayzeth) There is another show coming up at a cool music venue "The Temple bar" where I will play my original music solo, then play with an original Brazilian pop group. The third set is with Brazilian sensation Katia Moraes and our group Pure Samba. I still have my residency gigs Thursday though Saturday at Gauchos Village in Glendale. I have been writing more songs than ever before. I am studying Jazz again and so far just sitting in with some legendary cats. I was saying when I first got here, that LA is not a Jazz town, but I stand corrected! I get to meet and see such amazing cats like vibraphonist Nick Mancini, or guitarist on tour from NYC Randy Napoleon. Jazz lives in LA.

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