Mitchell Long


Select from the drop-down menu on the navigational link "projects" to read about some of the projects I lead, arrange and write music for.

I also lead projects for many styles of music, check out my "repertoire" link for some ideas. I am known throughout my career as a musician who works in straight ahead Jazz, Brazilian and Cape Verdean music but my greatest joy is the versatility and fun of being into and working with all kinds of music genres.

You may not know this but when I write my own materiel its draws upon anything from rock or neo-soul to country or classical music. For example I am a veteran of R&B, funk and blues groups with Rudy Love, Hazel Miller, Billy Tolles and Vinx. I started out in my first paying gigs playing Bluegrass and salsa -believe it or not- and toured with the Celtic rock group Low and Sweet Orchestra singing, playing guitars, Mandolin and Dobro.

I call it "genre-Jumping" and although it may be hard to believe or some styles dont appeal to everyone, I truly love it all!