Mitchell Long

Melody Gardot

I am thrilled to be working with this fantastic young artist and her band. Check out her website to listen or see where we are playing next.

Godin Guitars

If you are going to plug in a nylon string guitar on stage with big volume, this guitar will get the job done.

Reference Laboratory

Reference Laboratory makes high end cables that I am now using exclusively on all my instruments. I find that they enhance the natural qualities of the instrument and are made with a rare level of excellence.

Waledemar Bastos

Waldemar is a legendary Angolan singer-songwriter that I have worked with off and on for the past ten years. We met and recorded "Love is Blindness" for the record Africa Celebrates U2. We recorded Classics of my Soul with London symphony Orchestra and performed with The Gulbenkian Symphony at CCB in Lisbon.

Maria de Barros

Maria is a wonderful Cape Verdean singer who I had the pleasure of performing and recording with for 7 years. Cape Verdean music has had a profound influence on my life and Maria has a stellar band.

Julia Fordham

Julia is a British singer - songwriter and pop star that I have had the pleasure to perform with recently while promoting her recording "China Blue" Julia is so talented and a pleasure to work with. She is like a British Joni Mitchell..

Peter Sprague

Peter is my first and possibly greatest mentor musically. I only took three "lessons" from this unique artist but learned so much from his decades of friendship and music, he pointed me impeccably in the right direction and continues to inspire me with his work.

Rique Pantoja

Rique Pantoja is a bright light in the Brazilian music scene with a very pure heart and phenomenal talent for writing and jazz improvisation. It is a pleasure to know Rique and have had the opportunity to perform with him and his stellar groups of the greatest Brazilian and Latin jazz artists in the world.

Samba Society

Samba Society is really the best opportunity I have found to play and experience my love for traditional Brazilian samba music. I play Cavaquinho, sing and guitar, percussion or mandolin sometimes and help write the charts for the 8 to 12 piece group.