Mitchell Long

Melody Gardot

I am thrilled to be working with this fantastic young artist and her wonderful band. Check out her website to listen or see where we are playing next.

Godin Guitars

I love these guitars. I have 5 of them now! If you are going to plug in a nylon string guitar on stage with big volume, this guitar will get the job done.

Reference Laboratory

Reference Laboratory makes high end cables that I am now using exclusively on all my instruments. I find that they enhance the natural qualities of the instrument and are made with a rare level of excellence.

Maria de Barros

Maria is a wonderful Cape Verdean singer who I had the pleasure of performing and recording with for the last 7 years. Cape Verdean music has had a profound influence on my life and this is a stellar band.

Waledemar Bastos

Waldemar is a legendary Angolan singer-songwriter who I have had the pleasure of recording with recently. I met him while touring with Maria de Barros and then recorded "Love is Blindness" with him from the record Africa Celebrates U2. We just finished a full album together to be released soon.

Julia Fordham

Julia is a British singer - songwriter and pop star that I have had the pleasure to perform with recently while promoting her recording "China Blue" Julia is so talented and a pleasure to work with. She is like a British Joni Mitchell..


Sambaguru is an ensemble of musicians from Brazil, the United States and Sri Lanka that has been playing a wide-ranging blend of original music since 1997. I played off and on with the group for many years and now am a fulltime member. Listen to my work on the songs “Beleza da mulher Brasileira”, “Pagode do Maracana” and Fogo de Palha from the new release.


I met Yvette Summers back in the days I played with Vinx and some with percussionist Bill Summers. Yvette has put together a wonderful group with the direction and compositions of Cuban trumpet player Luis Eric Gonzalez. Its a pleasure to be part of this powerhouse band!


Vinx is a very special artist, and I relate to his music very much. I toured and recorded with his band extensivly in the early 90s We continue to work together and have had some amazing times.

The Latin Project

I met Jez Colin on myspace and formed a nice musical relationship with him immediately. I was a fan of his group the Solsonics and we have now teamed up for live performances and have a song we co-wrote called "Onda" on the most recent Latin Project CD.

Billy Kent

I met Billy through working with Vinx and just love his songs, and he just keeps writing hits and I am in his band! Check out our new track "cabin window" at his site

Billy Tolles

I had the luck and where-with-all to work with legendary saxophonist and show-man Billy Tolles. In jazz terms he was uber-mentor to me. God bless his rocking stompin' horn! There will never be another you. There is very little info about his illustrious career online but he is undeniably one of the greats in jazz, blues R&B and fantastic entertaining stage presence.

Claudio Slon

This is an incredibly detailed tribute site to the legendary drummer Claudio Slon. His career was a fantastic story of music and eminent quality. My greatest moments in Brazilian music were with his profound artistry. He was a good friend. I miss him dearly.

Peter Sprague

Peter is my first and possibly greatest mentor musically. I only took three "lessons" from this unique artist but learned so much from his decades of friendship and music, he pointed me impeccably in the right direction and continues to inspire me with his work.

Rique Pantoja

Rique Pantoja is a bright light in the Brazilian music scene with a very pure heart and phenomenal talent for writing and jazz improvisation. It is a pleasure to know Rique and have had the opportunity to perform with him and his stellar groups of the greatest Brazilian and Latin jazz artists in the world.

Samba Society

Samba Society is really the best opportunity I have found to play and experience my love for traditional Brazilian samba music. I play Cavaquinho, sing and guitar, percussion or mandolin sometimes and help write the charts for the 8 to 12 piece group.

Robert Kyle

Robert is a great saxophone and woodwinds player who also composes and crafts some very creative arrangements. He is a seasoned professional with a great work ethic and I just love his lyrical playing. We work together in his group and also with Carol Bach y Rita and "Jazz Bliss Brazil"

La Bella Strings

I have been using La bella Strings for decades and love their sound and performance.