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Hi Mitchell, great website and I am digging your radio station!!!
Dear Mr Long. (or better Dear Mitchell. Today I spent two fantastic hours on the concert Anna Maria Jopek in Chorzów. It was for me great experience. All musicians were amazing but your play on the guitar was fascinating. In some moments you stole the concert from Anna. I regret only that we couldn't change some words after the concert. I wish you, Anna and other musician all best wishes. And I hope that I will have pleasure to listen your music again. Best regards, Jan Krzysztof Pięta
Hello - I've just came from your concert with monika in gliwice - Poland. The stage was too small for you both ! That was great ! Thanx !
i can't wait to dance with you.
Great concert this evening.
Saw you last night in Cardiff with the amazing Melody Gardot... inspired to look you up. Fabulous night
Muchas gracias por tus canciones, me traen fuerza y alegría! Cristina Esquivel / México, Acapulco.
Hello I was just looking around and I found your page. The funny thing is that you share my brothers name which is spelled the same. He love to play guitar, so I wish you the best of luck with your music. Thank you for your time,hollie.
Wow, just saw the new web site, looks great, your c.v. is a who's who of the international music industry and so many names I'm familiar with from the Denver scene. Very impressive, I had one of your colleagues Peter Sommer as a my Jazz Pedagogy Prof. at CSU when I returned to gain my teacher Licensure, great player, and to see all the stars you have played with, Claudio Slon, Sergio Mendes, Dr. Lonnie Smith the Turbinator, etc... and all the great bands you have led, tours you have done or played with. What a troubador a trouvere a gypsy, Simply Amazing dude. Really admire how diverse your talents are!
great web site! am enjoying listening to some of your great stuff here..now we are in brasil ..hope to and hear again sometime soon..dan cooper
hello dear Mitchell, i'm so glad you bumped into my blog (jazz is my life) cause other wise i might not be able to listen to your play on your site and youtube (interview in Hermosa beach). going to explore more your site and i do hope to keep in touch. i enjoyed your demos very much and if you want i will try to promote you in my blog. i can link to your site and write a few lines of mine. by the way i will find you the Helen Humes one you searched for, it's just a matter of time. all the best my new jazzy friend :-) Raz (from israel)
Hi Mitch, I'm a big fan of your from Boulder Colorado, and I am so jazzed that I got a chance to see and hear you a few times before you left Boulder....then again once when you came back. I used to get periodic emails about what you were up to in L.A. but have not heard anything in a long time. I play a few tunes of Brasilian music, but I always loved how versatile you are. Anyway, please keep me on your email list. Hope you are doing well. Tom Lemieux
Great Website!!!!!
Except for you- As Billy Tolles used to ask- Why do all the white jazz guitar players want to sound like Chet Atkins???
Hey MItchell. You and Club Atlantico were nice enough to let me record your gig last July '09 in Santa Monica. After all this time (and a move, tour, swine flu, hospital,) I've finally been able to edit a bit the recording and want to send it to you on cd. I was the drummer friend of Tony Shogren who lives in England. As far as the video not sure yet but will forward as well. None of this as left my house or been uploaded of course. Won't be doing any of that. With your permission though maybe in the future the video - with your permission ! Thanks again very much. Wish I could see C.A. every week. Will be returning though. Bye for now. Tomas.
Yeah you! How r u?? I might be moving to Ca soo. Don t be a stranger. Love you site! Peace! Ps: Do you speak portuguese?
Hey Mitchell! Am in New York now. Married with two little girls. Still singing. Wondering if your parents are still in Durango. My aunt is in Ignacio for a year, she's very artsy, creative,and would enjoy your folks. Hope they are well. Hope YOU are well, music bro' Love, Caroline
HI, Nice to meet you. How are you? I´m Tatiana, i´m living in Brazil, I like your music, you are a very good singer, sorry for my english, I´m studing yeat. I have miss you Bahia too.....rs My tio ( i forgot in english..sorry) living in Califórnia too, you are friend his. His name is Milton, do you now? It´s time to stopped, because i don´t remember any words in english, but a now, you speak portuguese verry well...rs I hope your answer. Have a nice day...... Kisses
Hi Mitchell! I only just now had a chance to look at your website. I really enjoyed the photo gallery! Unfortunately I'm on a company computer and cannot listen to the music samples right now. That'll have to wait until I get home again. it was very nice chatting with you enroute from Boston to Chicago. I'd love to hear you and Maria's band play sometime. Will you be performing in Boston anytime soon? Kim
Hi Mitchell, Your Mom sent your website address, so I have looked all the way through it. What a pleasure! I have been working at my computer all day and have your music playing at the same time. Again, what a pleasure. Just wanted you to know... Love, Marilyn
My wife and I had the great pleasure of hearing you play the evening we became engaged. You were playing at Sambuca in Denver, and we couldn't believe that we were hearing Bossa Nova (our favorite music)on the night we were engaged. It was magical. You were kind enough to play Joao Gilberto and Luiz Bonfa tunes for us. It made for a magical evening. Thank you!
Hi Mitchell, You have a GREAT version of Ray Charles' Them Thats Got! I have been looking all over the internet for the sheet music to that song without success. Is there any chance I could buy a copy of your arrangement or chords? Thanks for considering this request. Cheers, Sheila
Oi Mitchell, acabo de te encontrar no myspace! Náo sei se você se lembra de mim...Las Ventas,Batata, Madrid... Um prazer, cara! É só pra te deixar aqui um abraçáo e reiterar que sou fan da tua música! Leo.
hello Mitchell, i just stopped by to take a look. I hope to listen from you soon. Djinho (Cabo Verde)
hello lil brother.i c you still dont have shadow of ur smile on play list! i made the request in 1985ish! my mom still lives in northridge, will look forward to ur glendale gigs. xox e.-robin's lil sister
I did a little interview on KUVO today and Susan (Gatchet-Reese) was asking me how I got in the Brazilian stuff - I said "Through Carlos Barbosa Lima and Mitchell Long." Thanks, man. You're a force of nature.
Very nice web site now Mitchell. I have emailed several LA friends about you and now they can preview your music to see if they want to drive all the way across that "town" to hear you. I hope they do! ps: it's a little bit of heaven to hear you play again - we miss you in Boulder!
Looking forward to coming up into the LA area to hear you play. Certainly enjoyed your music on the occasions that I have been privileged to see and hear. Looking for your dates so please keep us posted.
Great to see this. Keep it up. I am currently on assignment in Ghana, West Africa (hot and humid on December 17, 2005 as I write). I hear the music of insects adn birds at dusk. It is great. I also miss the music scene in Denver - Boulder area (Sambuca) and Chicago (before I came to Denver). Best wishes.
Parabens, cara! Thanks for the gift of your talent and for sharing all this musical wealth. To answer your question: “Is there anyone who loves Brasilian music as much as I do?” The answer is NO! (with the possible exception of a handful of guys named Gilberto, Caetano, Dorival...) Your soul is more Carioca than a Copacabana tanga, your Spirit is more Bahiano that fish moceca and bolinhos de bacalao. Man, I saw your picture on stage in Sao Paulo during the Maria De Barros concert. I just knew that at that moment, playing your beloved guitar on stage in front of an adoring Brasilian audience, touring with a world class artist, you had just realized a life dream bigger than most of us could possibly imagine. BRAVO, BRAVISIMO! We always knew when you played those brilliant, epic, shows at En Vie and Cafe Mars and those extraordinary shows with your quintet at Trilogy (to a house packed with the best dancers in town and your adoring fans) that you would end up on stage in Brasil! Boulder misses the hell out of your music and your charisma, but we know that we lost you to the world stage. BRAVO, indeed! We Love you.
Kudos on the Web site Mitchell! I just have to say that I am fortunate to have met you during your landlocked voyage in Colorado. I miss the days of cigars and cachaça with Claudio at Vartan’s . The solo gigs in Boulder (when you sounded like three people playing) all the great Brazilian music, Choro and Melancia (hey I didn’t see that on the song list)and the hang times. Your energy and vibrancy is exuded in every instrument you pick up…and when you sing…oh my! Needless to say I miss our white Brazilian boy. Love and Big Hugs, Toni Riggio
Mitchel querido, Estou emocionada! Lindo o site; naveguei nele com prazer e saudade. Eu até ouvi voce cantando algumas das minhas musicas preferidas, enquanto lia o seu Song Lists. Vamos lá, repete pra mim Leão do Norte com o pandeiro na mão! Love you Cristina
How cool are you? I'm hoping to catch you Fri PM, Dec. 2nd in Glendale, if I can find Glendale. Love to you, you coolest of cats.
Yo Mitchell,just catching up with you.I like the website it's inspiring.Nice hangin in L.A. great gig at the Temple bar.I gave alberto the video I took so he'll probably do some clips for his sight www.belumusic.com. Take care I'll be in touch...Steve Haney San Diego
Olá Mitchell, o site está lindo,gostei muito mesmo, vou enviar umas músicas para voce, um abraço, do amigo Brasileiro
Hey Mitchell, Was great to play with you the other night. We need to do it more often. THe website looks great, and thanks for the link and the nice words. I will have my guy put up a reciporical link soon. Also, working on some CHoro jams for next week. At the moment, there are possibly two; Monday night-8-??? Thursday afternoon 3-6 or 7 Please lemeno about your interest and avaialability. Thanks! RK
Mitch! Ricardo-drummer from Boulder here. I really enjoyed your website. It looks great. (I'm gonna have to borrow some of your ideas for mine.) So, there's been a change in plans. Last I told you, I was coming out to LA. Well, I'm going to Chicago now. I'll be there end of December. Let me know if you have any contacts out there cuz I'll need em. ...Hey, I'm really glad to see you're doing so great out there. You deserve it! I'll definitely look you up next time I'm in town. I really do miss hearing you play. I listented to Tarde e Lembrancas and damn! I love that song. Brought back some memories. Stay in touch and keep up the good work!
Looking really cool, Mitchell at first quick visit. Will zero in more later. Love, Mom PS - will you do a web site for me!!!!!!!!????????