Mitchell Long



What is Jazz? It’s my life...

As early as 15 years old I was already writing about jazz and blues, discovering, listening to and being amazed by it avidly as evident in looking back in my high school journal circa 1977. My parents listened to Jazz and there are other auspicious early influences. But Indeed it took a while to wade through the popular music that I was exposed to in those earlier years - much of it great; BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, The Beatles, Motown and Joni Mitchell but I never was too dedicated of a pop or rock player although it can resonate with me having grown up on it. So by 18-19 years old I had embraced jazz completely “woodshedding” night and day and listening intently to Bird, Coltrane, King Pleasure, Miles, Joe Pass, Wes and Peter Sprague among so many others. I even went to school for jazz some (Berklee and Naropa Institute) but I am more of a self-made and learn by doing musician.


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