Mitchell Long


With over 33 steady years of professional experience working with acoustic, electric guitars and singing in English or Brazilian- Portuguese, or Cape Verdean Creole. Mitchell Long's musical roots are in Jazz, Blues and popular styles, but he is known most for his work in Brazilian, African, other world-music genres. Long is currently guitarist for American Jazz singer Melody Gardot and the African legend of Angola; Waldemar Bastos.


In my own words...

My 32 years in music as a professional acoustic and electric guitarist, bass payer, singer, percussionist and teacher while living in San Diego, Boulder, NYC, Spain, and Los Angeles have taken me on a long and adventurous musical odyssey with opportunities to work in jazz, world music, blues, funk, pop, rock, country, bluegrass, salsa, bolero, flamenco, classical music and beyond...

I was born to an artistic and musical heritage: my Grandmother was a music teacher; my mother Mary Ellen Long is a fine artist who plays classical piano. I began playing the guitar at age eight, playing folk songs, later getting into blues, classic rock, bluegrass, Motown and R&B and Jazz. I am primarily a self taught musician but my serious interest in Jazz took me to Berklee College of Music in Boston: 1981-82’ and Naropa Institute 1983-85’  I continued in private lessons on guitar with my mentor Peter Sprague, Jimmy Ponder, Rene Heredia, Joe Pass and music lessons with Fred Hess, Art Lande and Bill Douglas. I studied percussion with Michael Spiro, Meia Noite and Bill Summers. 

A long list of credits include live and studio appearances working with many artists in different genres and touring throughout Europe, Canada, Brazil, Africa the Caribbean and throughout the United States.

Melody Gardot, Carol Welsman, Claudio Roditi, Herbie Mann, Dr Lonnie Smith, Larry Goldings, Paul Mcandless, Art Lande, Joe Bonner, Phil Urso, Peter Sprague, Ron Miles, Joanne Tatham, The Organ Grinders, Pat Bianci, Brad Upton, Nelson Rangel, Mary Ann Moore, Angela Hagenbach, Rare Silk, Eric Gunnison, Marguerite Juenemann, Chuck Lamb and Theano Anifantakis, Barry Wedgle, Sonya Vallet, Kim Stone, Ray Brown Jr., Billy Tolles, Bill Summers, Zambieland Orchestra, Kim Stone, Cecily Gardner, Carol Bach-Y-Rita, Mary Ann Moore, Gloria Calomee, Nick Mancini, Cornerstone.
Julia Fordham, Vinx, Jurrasic 5, Ozomatli, Rudy Love and the Love Family, Low And Sweet Orchestra, Hazel Miller Band, Khaliah, Lionel Young Band, Paul Soderman & No Mercy, Billy Kent and Hi Fi Mo Fo.
Sergio Mendes, Claudio Slon, Pau Brasil, Sonia Santos, Rique Pantoja, Claudio Roditi, Chekere, Banda, La Choro Ensemble, The Latin Project, Otmaro Ruiz, Sambaguru, Katia Moraes & Pure Samba, Tita Lima, Renni Flores, Fabiana Passoni, Kleber Jorge, Marco Tulio, Pau Brasil & Chico Meira, Marta Santamaria, Roger Espinoza, Andrea Ferraz, Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro, Rojerio Jardim, Braziliando, Banda Constellacao.
Maria de Barros, Waldemar Bastos, Diva Barros, Djosinha, Bau, Gardenia, Zerui de Pina.